Happy Hands - Working Holidays in Germany
Happy hands-working holidays in Germany


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Enjoy life

in the country, on farms or in country hotels - living
with the family, looking after children and/or animals
or helping bake cakes and bread in Grandmothers oven.
Practice German as it is spoken everyday and meet
a lot of German holiday makers in a happy atmosphere.
Plenty to do, plenty to see, plenty to learn with Happy Hands.

The country, country hotels, families, animals and children.

All the year round

Grandmothers Coffee Shops -
the chance to work in the world that
was left behind when the computer moved in.

Working Holidays in Germany
Terre des Langues, Petra Schmidt
, Pflanzenmayerstr. 16, 93049 Regensburg
Tel: 0941-565602 Fax: 0941-565604 E-Mail: Terre-des-Langues@t-online.de